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At 2 Bar Rockin K, we srive to produce exceptional cattle that can do well for producers. Our focus is always on quality cattle and industry leading genetiocs. Please let us know if you have any questions by calling us at 830-741-8390. We love to hear from our customers.

She is our foundation story!
  Several years ago we started using Braunvieh bulls on commercial cows, selling our calves either though the Cattlemen’s Renaissance program or through local sale facilities. We found Braunvieh to be more adaptable to our region than F-1’s (Brahman X Herford) or Brangus cows and, therefore, began searching out quality Braunvieh females. We also found the combination between Braunvieh and Angus explained itself. Miss Vista J548 has proven herself time and time again. Bred to four different bulls over six years, she has never missed. Her bull calves have sold commercially for an average of $3,250 each. We have retained all of her heifer calves. She is pictured with a fine example of what we are describing.  
    Good disposition is a must. We work our cattle on foot without hotshots. Therefore they must demonstrate to us that they can meet this criterion. They also must be able to maintain themselves on pasture, mineral supplements and molasses tubs while still keeping eye appeal and solid structure.  
    This is Ms Cornerstone 44S. Recently purchased at the Texas Memorial Day sale as the top bred female offered. Solid structure with an excellent phenotype that is certain to be one of our top brood cows. With Lifeline, Slate, and Lonestar Fanny in her background she promises a bright future.
    A Hercules daughter that we purchased at the National sale in January 2008. She’s double bred to Silver Bullet and demonstrates what we look for in easy keeping (RFI) females.  
    An outstanding example of a Braunvieh – Angus cross female. She combines Kirholm Staff, GLB HLB Pride of Earl and Bell Rule Bouncer Plus on her Braunvieh side, with GAR Precision 1680, Connealy Dateline, and SVF Special Agent on her Angus side. She is an exciting female that will be used for as a breed-up to top fullblood Braunvieh bulls.  
    Meet Ms Susse. She is the polled four month version from Miss Vista J548 and Arbeiter (see sale page). She promises a bright future. Although heavy at birth, my fault for over supplementing her Dam, she was born unassisted and has flourished.  
    The recently acquired Miss BOR 0802R demonstrates the direction of our program. The top bred female from the 2008 BOR female sale brings names like Polled Eagle, Silver Bulllet, and 007 ET to the table. Her flushmate will be the Genesis bull that adds Spitten Image and the Lifeline cow to the tabulation. An exciting combination, no doubt.  
Thank you for your interest in our website. Please let us know if you would like additional information by calling us at 830-741-8390. We will be glad to help in any way we can.
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