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Welcome to 2 Bar Rockin K
The 2 Bar Rockin K Ranch is owned and operated by Kathy, Tim, and Jason Kohlleppel. Although small in size compared to other breeders, we made a commitment in 2007 to acquire what we felt were “top” females throughout the Braunvieh breed. We feel we have accomplished that and through future culling we have the foundation for an elite herd. We have spread our genetic pool in a way that allows us to blend unique genetic packages in small quantities. We believe Braunvieh should be bred to display the Breed’s original intent. What you will find on the 2 Bar Rockin K are strong shouldered, thick butted, heavily volumned cattle that work in the pasture.

Our cattle are held to strict standards for feed efficiency, health, and reproductive ability. It is our mission to provide bulls that will maximize productivity and profitability for the commercial cattlemen with emphasis on high carcass value. Braunvieh have proven time and time again through longevity and hanging carcasses that they are the breed for the future.

We have participated in the show circuit for purpose. When the judges describe our female cattle as powerful, big footed, stout, solid, and heavily muscled, they are telling us we are on the right track, as these females will be the bull factories of the future. Very few top bulls come from feminine cattle.

2 Bar Rockin K bulls will add value and dollars to your program and please understand – Our Casa is Su Casa. Visitors are always welcome. 
Watch out, here we come!
Pictured here at 2 weeks old these little heifers are ready to strut their stuff. These girls and many more of their pasture buddies are available by private treaty. Please contact us for more information. Look for updates as well on the sale page!

Don’t forget the guys!
This little fella is all there. He’s had a rough start losing his momma at 4 weeks. Currently being bottle fed, he’s gentle, curious and loves attention.

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